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Blog spam - Problem solved!

Mar 30, 2004 in Tech

This thread on’s Support Forum addresses the spam issue.

Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin filters out common spam terms and URL’s from Movable Type posts. The upcoming version of MT3 will include comment registration and authentication.

Is Email becoming useless?

Mar 01, 2004 in Tech

The Bagle.F virus hit our school’s network today. In my school email account (and everyone elses, for that matter) was this hilariously spoofed message from our university president:

From: (university president)
Subject: [25] Hey, ya! =))

Nice friends, nice men, nice sex and feeling great. I don’t mind the
odd bout of cybersex as I love to use my imagination when I masterbate.

****** Message from InterScan E-Mail VirusWall NT ******

** WARNING! Attached file Jammie.scr contains:


It has been deleted.
***************** End of message ***************

It’s obviously fake, but in any case, I got a laugh from it. It’s an odd message to be receiving from your university president, especially after his sexual harrassment scandal. (Yeah, that was low. I suck.)

Now, what I can’t comprehend is how these viruses continue to spread. If you get an email message from someone you don’t know, with a weird nonsensical subject line, plus a file attachment, it should be obvious that IT’S A VIRUS!!! DO NOT OPEN IT! Some of us know this, of course, but there are enough people that are clueless or stupid enough to continue opening virus-laden attachments.

Considering that there have been so many high-profile email viruses lately, you’d think that people would finally get the message. But no. The net result of a few users’ stupidity is that a large number of home computers on high speed connections are being used as “open relays” to send spam. My ISP (Comcast) is a particularly egregrious offender. Some virus-infected PC’s on Comcast’s network send as much mail as the customer mail servers do.

According to one anti-spam software provider, 60% of the email sent across the Internet now is spam. Personally, I’ve been receiving more virus-ridden emails lately than spam (or valid messages for that matter).

I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email client. It’s still in beta, but quite functional, and it has great adaptive junkmail controls. If you’re sick of spam, consider changing your email client.

Mp3 conversion problems with Radio.Blog

Feb 01, 2004 in Tech

So I’ve been trying to convert some mp3 files for use with Radio.Blog. If you’re not aware of it, it’s a cool Flash app that allows you to stream music from your blog. (It should be up here shortly).

Unfortunately, the DOS batch files used to convert the mp3s to .swf format only work on Win 2000/XP, and the work-around they provided for Win98 doesn’t work either.

So, I’ve made some improvements to the batch files. With these batch files, you can convert all of your mp3 files in one shot, and you don’t have to shorten the file names. I also made some adjustments to make the encoding process a bit quicker, with slightly smaller file sizes. If you’re using Win98 or ME and are having trouble converting your mp3s with the provided batch files, then read on…