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Mp3 conversion problems with Radio.Blog

Feb 01, 2004 in Tech

So I’ve been trying to convert some mp3 files for use with Radio.Blog. If you’re not aware of it, it’s a cool Flash app that allows you to stream music from your blog. (It should be up here shortly).

Unfortunately, the DOS batch files used to convert the mp3s to .swf format only work on Win 2000/XP, and the work-around they provided for Win98 doesn’t work either.

So, I’ve made some improvements to the batch files. With these batch files, you can convert all of your mp3 files in one shot, and you don’t have to shorten the file names. I also made some adjustments to make the encoding process a bit quicker, with slightly smaller file sizes. If you’re using Win98 or ME and are having trouble converting your mp3s with the provided batch files, then read on…