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You have mail from Coeducation V. Acorns!

Feb 06, 2004 in Humor links to a NYT article concerning those unusual names that have been showing up in the sender line of spam messages lately.

This is so much fun that, of course, I’ll have to make my own list, culled directly from my spam-ridden Yahoo account:

Borders E. Anklets
Clay H. Cannibalism
Carbohydrate L. Keystroked
Digressions H. Kens
Fraternization P. Mincemeat
Clef D. Shrubberies
Hacksaws J. Overhand

…and on and on. I’m sure you can make your own list from your own spam folder.

I used to post strange and funny spam subject lines in my LiveJournal, about a year or so ago. But the subject lines just aren’t funny anymore. They’re still awful, and they still have that English-as-a-second-language feel to them. But “Extra Heat for Orgy Armageddon!” isn’t as funny as it once was. (Oh wait, yeah it is!)

Now, on second glance, this is all so pathetic. Spammers are so desperate now to get their email through the filters that they’re willing to make their emails illegible, ineffective, and just plain obvious. It doesn’t seem like that long ago when you received spam with a convincing name and an ordinary subject line like “Hi”. If spam ever comes to an end, it’ll be because it’s no longer profitable.