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Blogger RSS feeds

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Another piece of useful blog-related info from yours truly. Blogger just started offering Atom feeds for their blogs (at least for Blogspot, I don’t know about hosted blogs). If you use a newsreader to read RSS feeds, you can now subscribe to Blogspot blogs.

The first thing to try is just use your newsreader subscription bookmarklet to see if it finds the feed automatically. In the root directory of the blog should be an atom.xml file. If it doesn’t find it automatically, try appending “atom.xml” to the URL of the blog to get the RSS feed.


Feb 10, 2004 in Music

Holy Pop Relic - Why Brian Wilson should leave the unfinished Beach Boy masterpiece Smile alone. By Jeff Turrentine

I once wrote an essay about the Beach Boys late ’60s output. Smile is the centerpiece of this period; a dauntingly ambitious album that was perhaps too ambitious. The project was ultimately scrapped, and piece by piece, songs from the unfinished albums started appearing in other Beach Boys works, the Good Vibrations boxset, and on muddy sounding bootlegs.

The bootlegs are rare and expensive; I once paid $20 for a CD-R version of the famed Vigotone bootleg that consisted mostly of outtakes, alternate versions and crude mixes. If you’re curious to hear Smile, there are mp3s available on the Web. This site has some good-sounding mp3s from one of the better bootlegs. (Get ‘em now, before the RIAA gets to them!)