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Yeti Sports Part 2 out!

Feb 13, 2004 in Pop Culture has just released the sequel to the addictive, insanely popular “Smack the Penguin” game (the evolution of which is documented here, on my very own page).

This one involves an orca, which tosses penguins into the air with it’s tail. You, as the yeti, must lob snowballs at the airborne penguin, knocking it into a target.

This game is significantly more challenging than the first, as you not only have to hit the penguin with a snowball, but you have to hit it where it will fly as close to the bullseye as possible. You get 10 penguins to lodge into the side of the cliff.

I’ve been playing for about a half-hour now, and have yet to come up with an ideal strategy. You have to hit the penguin on it’s way down, though. Line up the mouse pointer over the penguin, and click to throw. Like the first game, you’ll get better accuracy by holding down the mouse pointer and letting go at the moment you want to throw. I’m still trying to figure out how to aim it to hit the bullseye.