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An Internet-style ass whooping

Feb 16, 2004 in Personal

This weekend, I learned one of the hard lessons of the Internet. The game files for the “Smack the Penguin” game that I was hosting on my tribute site proved so popular that my visitors used up all of my bandwidth (as well as all of next months bandwidth) in the space of 48 hours. My domain was down for three days, and I’m just hoping my sites haven’t lost any visitors. Oh well, c’est la vie.

In unrelated news, I have the flu (finally), but I’m functioning enough to write an article for my student newspaper on the Grey Album copyright controversy (see last post).

LiveJournal user budgie_ has kindly set up a LJ account for my syndicated feed. It hasn’t been tested yet, but if you’re an LJ user and want my blog to appear on your friend’s page, add andrews_feed to your Friends list. (This may only work for paid accounts, at least until I get more subcribers to the LJ feed).