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Evangelicals frustrated by Bush

Feb 22, 2004 in Current Events

Evangelicals frustrated by Bush - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics

Evangelicals are threatening to stay home on Election Day this year, due to their disappointment in Bush’s failure to promote their ultra-right wing agenda. And apparently it’s not just abortion and gay marriage:

“Mr. Knight points to Mr. Bush’s having “promoted the Ted Kennedy Leave No Child Behind education bill, which expanded an Education Department that social conservatives see as a fully owned subsidiary of the National Education Association, which has grown more stridently left wing in recent years. The NEA has boldly promoted the homosexual agenda for schoolchildren.”

“Also, Mr. Knight said, Mr. Bush “upped the budget for the National Endowment for the Arts, which has boldly promoted the homosexual agenda for schoolchildren. The White House message to social conservatives was: ‘We don’t share your values, folks. We would rather impress the art elite at cocktail parties.’ “”

Frankly, I think it’s good they’re planning on staying home. Anyone who believes that laws should be made so that God is not displeased with the U.S. when the Rapture comes should have as little influence on our political process as possible.

I mean, c’mon people! They’re attacking art and education!

Atari Mania!

Feb 22, 2004 in Pop Culture

In a fit of nostalgia, I downloaded every Atari 2600 game ever made tonight. This is not as ridiculous a task as it may seem, since the average Atari game is around 4k, and they’re available in convenient zip libraries. You can fit them all in a 2.7 MB zip file (including the emulator).

Anyone over the age of 25 probably remembers the Atari quite fondly. It was the one video game system that Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers both played. (As I remember, the grown-ups played the Atari as much as the kids did. When’s the last time you’ve seen anyone’s mom playing a Nintendo or a Playstation for any length of time?) I remember my mom spending hours trying to beat Raiders of the Lost Ark (a ridiculously obtuse and complicated adventure game, even by today’s standards). I dutifully emailed her the 2.7 MB zip file. Hope she gets it.

As fun as old Atari games are, they’re only entertaining for a few minutes. But with over 500 games available, there’s plenty of ADHD-style entertainment. So, head over to Atari Age and do the following:

  • Download an emulator (I recommend Cyberstella or z26)
  • Download some ROMS (hell, download ‘em all from the top of the page!)

While you’re at it:

Have fun!