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He’s getting my vote!

Mar 31, 2004 in Humor


Kompressor, the German techno-fiend bent on world domination, is throwing in his bid for the presidency. Although I’m really not sure he could even run, since he’s a German immigrant. (It didn’t stop Ah-nuld though).

Check out Kompressor’s lucid commentary on the issues of the day:

Crime: “You should not commit crime. If you do this, you are a criminal. Soon you go to jail. You do not want this.”

Health Care: “If you break bones, you travel to the hospital. Do not attempt to repair at home.”

Abortion: “Everyone must do this, a restaurant full of children is very difficult to eat in. It is loud and you do not eat.”

Kompressor also cares about the children. Listen to him hail the virtues of vitamins, good penmanship, and brushing one’s teeth. Under a Kompressor presidency, mass media would be utterly destroyed, and discipline would be accomplished through drum machine. A bright future indeed.

Charlie Brown: Existentialist

Mar 30, 2004 in Linkage

Sarte and Peanuts - Philosophy Now magazine

For those who have paid close enough attention, Peanuts has long been a running commentary on the human condition; a well of pathos that belies it’s inclusion in the funny pages.

Nathan Radke draws comparisons between Schultz and Sartre; although the former was not admittedly influenced by the latter, the situations presented in the Peanuts comics can be used to illustrate some of the basic precepts of existentialism. An interesting read.


Blog spam - Problem solved!

Mar 30, 2004 in Tech

This thread on’s Support Forum addresses the spam issue.

Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin filters out common spam terms and URL’s from Movable Type posts. The upcoming version of MT3 will include comment registration and authentication.

More children’s music in a non-traditional style

Mar 28, 2004 in Linkage

Black Rattle - The Itsy Bitsy Spider [MP3] |

Via Geekpunk comes another entry in the non-traditional childrens music category (ala the Candy Band). This time, the genre in question is heavy metal, and the song is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Pretty rockin’ for a children’s tune, if I do say so myself.

Is anyone else besides me sick of blog spam?

Mar 28, 2004 in Personal

It seems that at least once a week, a flood of spam comments for prescription drugs and penis enlargement pills fills my blog (and my inbox). This, folks, I don’t understand.

What in the world makes these scumbags think that anyone would take an interest in their products by spamming the public comment section of a blog? The blog owner is certainly not going to like it; he/she has to clean out the comments, and even if he/she wanted penis enlargement pills or illicit prescription narcotics, they certainly wouldn’t be inclined to purchase it from a blog spammer.

We’ve all kinda gotten desensitized to spam in email (but frankly, it’s the internet worms that have been causing more of a nuisance lately). But to spam someone’s public web page, now that’s low. I’m sure the spammer is using a script to do this. Hopefully they’ll introduce some anti-spam measures in Movable Type 3.

It seems to be the same person. The URLs to their crummy websites always match, and they’re always promoting the same products. Apparently, they’re operating from the comfy legal confines of European ISP’s, since that’s where the reverse DNS lookup always leads.

In the relatively organized anarchy that is the internet, it seems that it takes just a few bad apples to make it an unpleasant experience for the rest of us. I’m pondering whether I should just shut off the comments on my blog altogether. I’d like to leave it open for people to comment on posts, although frankly, I don’t get all that many comments. What do you people think?

The bastard child of Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly!.. rrrawwwrr!

Mar 28, 2004 in Linkage

Look at the picture of the author of this column.Seems awfully young, doesn’t he? Has quite an unusual pompadour too, doesn’t he? This is Kyle Williams. He’s 15, a syndicated columnist, and an author who is fully convinced that liberals are unpatriotic traitors who are out to destroy our nation. Or something like that.

Before you shake your head, check out his blog too. The kid’s actually smarter than most adults. He doesn’t come across as a child who is simply spouting his parent’s political beliefs. And his sense of irony and sarcasm is very acute for a 15-year-old. (On the other hand, 15-year-olds are generally very sarcastic. Scratch that.)

When you combine Kyle’s precocious smarts with the blunt, far-right leanings of a Bill O’Reilly, it is a bizarre combination indeed. I almost thought I had warped into some alternate universe of conversative reasoning. And it was kinda scary. What if I’m on the wrong side, politically speaking? Nahhhhh…

I wasted a fortune in quarters…

Mar 26, 2004 in Pop Culture

One of my favorite cable TV reruns nowadays is Starcade on G4. Does anyone remember Starcade?

Starcade was an arcade game show with low production values that was on TV around 1983. The contestants were (mostly) geeky kids who squared off on vintage arcade games in exchange for cash and prizes. The prizes were pretty geeky too: Metal detectors, electronic chess sets, K-tel record collections and failed mass-market computers like the Mattel Aquarius. (I have a soft spot for the Aquarius, as it was my first computer. I learned BASIC on that thing!)

The MC was a forty-something host who knew much more about arcade games than a man of his age normally should. Oftentimes, the young contestants were accompanied by a parent or other adult who knew almost nothing about video games. If you thought watching your parent play a Nintendo for the first time was bad, imagine them doing it on TV.

I remember this was on TBS at like, 4:35pm or something. (What in the hell was up with TBS starting shows five minutes late? Do they still do that?). Starcade brings back some warm fuzzy, nostalgic and geeky memories. It’s nice to see that cheesy, pointless 80’s nostalgia can still live on.

Comprehensive English Supplementa Audio #19A

Mar 26, 2004 in Linkage

If you think this is funny, you are:

  1. high
  2. very patient
  3. possessed with a keen, yet strange sense of humor. Congratulations.
  4. are you absolutely sure that was the name of the guy who played Colonel Potter on MASH?

Yeti Sports part 3

Mar 24, 2004 in Linkage

Chris Hilgert and gang take it back to basics with Yeti Sports part 3. This time, the yeti flings the penguin high into the air, where he bounces from one icy wall to the other and is occasionally propelled upward by seals. Much more fun than part 2, which was a tad difficult.

Also featured is Yeti karaoke (?!?). Here’s a sample lyric:


It’s definitely not in German. This piece of musical whimsy even has an attached copyright notice:

“YETISONG” 2004 Neumayer Music Entertainment / Cook & Young Music / Intrepid Media & Publishing / All rights reserved

Now I wonder what kind of music publisher thought this would be a good song to aquire the publishing rights to? I’ll be expecting the Yeti Songs CD, right around the time that Yeti Sports 7 comes out. (It’ll be huge in Germany, just like David Hasselhoff.)

There’s a downloadable zip file with all of the sound and music samples too. I’m sure we’ll see it remixed with Jay-Z’s Black Album soon enough. (Yeti-Z? The Black and White Album?)

How to write an Elvis movie

Mar 24, 2004 in Linkage

From one of my favorite new blogs: - Elvis movies: the rules.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever sat down and watched an Elvis film. And now because of this list, I don’t have to.