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It was inevitable… The Black Album meets the Black Album

Mar 04, 2004 in Music

In the spirit of the Grey Album, a remix DJ decides to mash Jay-Z’s Black Album with Metallica’s Black Album: BLACKER THAN EVER… Cheap Cologne presents Jay-Z vs. Metallica

A seven-minute mp3 preview is available on the site. For some reason, hearing Jay-Z rap over the guitar riff from “Sad But True” made me giggle. Although the idea was inevitable, I’m not sure that Metallica and Jigga work well together.

Now if only someone would mash together the Beatles’ White Album with Metallica’s Black Album. That would be mind-bending. I’m sure someone is working on it right now.

Also, add to this the Jay-Z Construction Set, which contains 649 megs of samples, all of the existing remixes, plus useful tools to make your own Jay-Z Black Album remix.

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Mar 04, 2004 in Pop Culture

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