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See, they don’t really like free speech

Mar 06, 2004 in Current Events

Yesterday, the Republican National Commitee sent letters to around 250 TV stations, asking them to pull ads critical of Bush by

The RNC letter says that the ads violate federal “soft money” election laws, and hints that broadcasters could put their FCC licenses in jeopardy by airing the ads.

So far, it appears that no broadcasters are refusing to air the ads, and says that what they’re doing is perfectly legal. But it’s still an ugly precedent when a political party tries to disrupt free speech with legal threats.

CNN - RNC tells TV stations not to run anti-Bush ads

The Candy Band

Mar 06, 2004 in Music

Four Detroit-area soccer moms got tired of hearing bad childrens music, so they formed a punk rock band and made their own.

The Candy Band evokes the Stooges and the Ramones (with just a touch of Shonen Knife). They perform punk-rock versions of popular childrens songs, and if you live in Metro Detroit they’ll be playing at a YWCA, elementary school, library or fund raiser near you!

And the kids just love it! “One time while we were rehearsing the kids filled the toilet up with silverware. Another time they smeared moisturizing lotion all over the walls.”

That is so punk rock.