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And at a mall record store, no less…

Mar 14, 2004 in Personal

Yesterday, when I was at the mall, I picked up a Peter Tosh box set, brand new, for only $2. (I didn’t notice it was on cassette until I got home. But that’s fine, since I have a cassette player. Guess that explains why it was a bargain.)

There are photos of him holding this bad-ass custom Stratocaster modified to resemble an AK-47. Wish I had a scanner.

While unwrapping one of the brand new cassettes, it reminded me of the thrill of holding a new cassette when I was younger. It’s something different, to have that small, rectangular box in your hand, as opposed to a 5″ CD case. I was reminiscing on the excitement of going to the mall and picking up some new music to hear (Ok, there were no hip record stores within 50 miles of my house then.)

It’s a step backward to realise that, for instance, you can’t just hit a button to skip a song. Instead of a digital push-button, you actually have to engage a mechanical process with the play button. It takes at least 7 seconds for the damn thing to start playing. And there’s a lot of fast-forward and rewinding.

Come to think of it, I don’t miss cassettes. Just the thrill that came with unwrapping a new piece of music. I’m so jaded now, especially considering that I can occasionally get my mitts on the hottest new indie releases days before most people get to hear them.

I just spent the last five hours writing a 1500-word news article on a lecturer that came to our school on Friday. (More on that later.) I just hope it’s not too damn long for publication.