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Because I was bored

Mar 16, 2004 in Humor

Just some of the more unusual search phrases that have led people to this site. This will also be the track list to my upcoming album of undetermined release date (probably never):

my room is big and simple (yeah, it is)
blog bdsm video
opposition my room
dennis wilson bootlegs (cuz we all know he’s the real talent in the family)
i suck my butler (???)
welcome to candy stations!
enormous foreskin
hare krishna tattoos
penguin atari gore

Is anyone else outraged besides me?

Mar 16, 2004 in Current Events

The Village Voice: Features: Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young: The Ambition Tax by Brendan I. Koerner

The lead article in the latest issue of Village Voice is the first in a series examining the effect of today’s economy on young people.

If you’re a college student, little of this will be new to you. But, as Koerner points out, hardly anyone is discussing the impact that student loan debt, credit card debt, and unattainable health insurance is having on today’s 18-34 year-olds.

“The system punishes the young who dare strive for something better. For those on the young side of 35, debt and its ripple effects have made upward mobility a fiction more often than not.

“Yet the presidential candidates seldom address the economic burdens of the young. Ask a candidate to outline his economic plans, and it’s all about Medicare, Social Security, slashing the deficit?important issues, to be sure, but of little consequence to the millions of Americans in their twenties and thirties who agonize every month over their avalanche of debt and diminishing prospects.”

Yes, Dean and Edwards did talk a little bit about student loans, but, of course, they’re no longer in the running.

In the related article, “The New Graduate” Natasha Degen refers to the popular book Quarter Life Crisis and an attempt to start a new organization for twenty-somethings, the NARG (National Association of Recent Grads). It’s intended to be an AARP for our generation.

I can’t help but think of all the attention paid to senior citizens and their needs (Medicare, SS, prescription drugs). While these concerns are important, it seems that politicians pay far more attention to the needs of seniors — doubtless because they are a powerful voting bloc — than to the needs of those of us who will be paying their Social Security checks.

Steve Albini came to my school…

Mar 16, 2004 in Music

… this past Friday, and I wrote it up for our student newspaper, MTSU Sidelines - Albini laments age of over-production..

For those of you who are not aware, Steve Albini is one of independent music’s most prolific recording engineers. He is best known for his work with bands such as Nirvana (In Utero), the Pixies (Surfer Rosa), PJ Harvey (Man Size), Helmet (Meantime) and over 1000 other bands.

Steve came to our university to speak to students in the recording industry program about engineering. For those of you who are interested in Steve’s views on the recording industry, and on engineering in general, here is the unedited story with unpublished material.

The Black and Blue Album

Mar 16, 2004 in Music

The latest salvo in the Jay-Z remix craze: Jay-Zeezer.

Some indie rocker decided to mash Jay-Z with the first Weezer album. Interesting concept, but the results don’t quite flow well together.

I’m still waiting for the Back in Black Album (Jay-Z and AC/DC). Now that would rock.