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Moldy meatless chicken and Max Headroom hijackers

Mar 22, 2004 in Pop Culture

Yahoo! News - Maybe it tastes like chicken, but activists aren’t buying it

By way of Fark, the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune comes this article about Quorn, a fungus-based meat substitute that’s popular in Europe and America. When I read the quote in the Fark headline about “dangerous vat-grown ‘vomit burgers’ that are sickening many consumers,” my first reaction was: “Hey, I’m vegetarian. This doesn’t concern me…”

Quorn makes meatless chicken nuggets out of pure mycoprotein, which is derived from the fungus Fusarium venenatum. The mycoprotein gives it a sponginess and texture similar to chicken, and that meat-like quality is much sought after by ex-meat eating vegetarians.

But one anti-food whacko insists that it’s making people sick. This is the same guy who is responsible for the warning labels on Olestra, and the new warning labels about trans-fats.

I was at the supermarket tonight, eying the box of Quorn meatless nuggets suspiciously. I think ‘ve tried them once, but I can’t remember how they taste. Frankly, I think the soy-based fake chicken products are just fine. Processed chicken is an easy food to fake.

Also, for your reading pleasure is a link from a fantastic site, On November 22, 1987, a group of “video terrorists” hacked into the signals of two Chicago area TV stations. This 90 second clip from TV Party is from the Chicago PBS affiliate, where the hooligans pulled off a bizzare Max Headroom impression, topped off with a bare-bottom flyswatter spanking. This is a rare and fascinating piece of guerilla performance art indeed.

Also on this site are clips from other TV incidents, including a suprise protest on CBS Evening News, Arsenio’s argument with a gay-activist audience member, and a censored Robert Smigel cartoon from SNL.