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I wasted a fortune in quarters…

Mar 26, 2004 in Pop Culture

One of my favorite cable TV reruns nowadays is Starcade on G4. Does anyone remember Starcade?

Starcade was an arcade game show with low production values that was on TV around 1983. The contestants were (mostly) geeky kids who squared off on vintage arcade games in exchange for cash and prizes. The prizes were pretty geeky too: Metal detectors, electronic chess sets, K-tel record collections and failed mass-market computers like the Mattel Aquarius. (I have a soft spot for the Aquarius, as it was my first computer. I learned BASIC on that thing!)

The MC was a forty-something host who knew much more about arcade games than a man of his age normally should. Oftentimes, the young contestants were accompanied by a parent or other adult who knew almost nothing about video games. If you thought watching your parent play a Nintendo for the first time was bad, imagine them doing it on TV.

I remember this was on TBS at like, 4:35pm or something. (What in the hell was up with TBS starting shows five minutes late? Do they still do that?). Starcade brings back some warm fuzzy, nostalgic and geeky memories. It’s nice to see that cheesy, pointless 80’s nostalgia can still live on.

Comprehensive English Supplementa Audio #19A

Mar 26, 2004 in Linkage

If you think this is funny, you are:

  1. high
  2. very patient
  3. possessed with a keen, yet strange sense of humor. Congratulations.
  4. are you absolutely sure that was the name of the guy who played Colonel Potter on MASH?