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More children’s music in a non-traditional style

Mar 28, 2004 in Linkage

Black Rattle - The Itsy Bitsy Spider [MP3] |

Via Geekpunk comes another entry in the non-traditional childrens music category (ala the Candy Band). This time, the genre in question is heavy metal, and the song is “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Pretty rockin’ for a children’s tune, if I do say so myself.

Is anyone else besides me sick of blog spam?

Mar 28, 2004 in Personal

It seems that at least once a week, a flood of spam comments for prescription drugs and penis enlargement pills fills my blog (and my inbox). This, folks, I don’t understand.

What in the world makes these scumbags think that anyone would take an interest in their products by spamming the public comment section of a blog? The blog owner is certainly not going to like it; he/she has to clean out the comments, and even if he/she wanted penis enlargement pills or illicit prescription narcotics, they certainly wouldn’t be inclined to purchase it from a blog spammer.

We’ve all kinda gotten desensitized to spam in email (but frankly, it’s the internet worms that have been causing more of a nuisance lately). But to spam someone’s public web page, now that’s low. I’m sure the spammer is using a script to do this. Hopefully they’ll introduce some anti-spam measures in Movable Type 3.

It seems to be the same person. The URLs to their crummy websites always match, and they’re always promoting the same products. Apparently, they’re operating from the comfy legal confines of European ISP’s, since that’s where the reverse DNS lookup always leads.

In the relatively organized anarchy that is the internet, it seems that it takes just a few bad apples to make it an unpleasant experience for the rest of us. I’m pondering whether I should just shut off the comments on my blog altogether. I’d like to leave it open for people to comment on posts, although frankly, I don’t get all that many comments. What do you people think?

The bastard child of Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly!.. rrrawwwrr!

Mar 28, 2004 in Linkage

Look at the picture of the author of this column.Seems awfully young, doesn’t he? Has quite an unusual pompadour too, doesn’t he? This is Kyle Williams. He’s 15, a syndicated columnist, and an author who is fully convinced that liberals are unpatriotic traitors who are out to destroy our nation. Or something like that.

Before you shake your head, check out his blog too. The kid’s actually smarter than most adults. He doesn’t come across as a child who is simply spouting his parent’s political beliefs. And his sense of irony and sarcasm is very acute for a 15-year-old. (On the other hand, 15-year-olds are generally very sarcastic. Scratch that.)

When you combine Kyle’s precocious smarts with the blunt, far-right leanings of a Bill O’Reilly, it is a bizarre combination indeed. I almost thought I had warped into some alternate universe of conversative reasoning. And it was kinda scary. What if I’m on the wrong side, politically speaking? Nahhhhh…