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Who fattens your wallet?

Apr 12, 2004 in Current Events

In politics, Wall Street ignores history [Christian Science Monitor]

David Francis reports on Wall Street’s overwhelming financial support for Bush, despite the fact that the economy has consistently done better under Democratic presidents since the end of the Great Depression.

The reason for Wall Street’s enthusiasm for Bush? It’s quite obvious: It benefits them financially.

‘While workers have seen incomes rise, corporations have reaped an unusually large share of the wealth, according to a study by the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. In the last two years, GDP increased about $800 billion. Corporations got $325 billion of that sum; employees got $310 billion, the study finds.

“This is really very disproportionate,” says Paul Harrington, one of the economists who did the study. It’s 2.5 times the usual share companies get in an economic recovery in the United States.

As he sees it, companies have reaped too large a chunk of the 7.3 percent increase in productivity in those two years. Business has relied on job outsourcing and cheaper contract employees to boost the bottom line. Labor, with weak unions and facing high immigration, has been relatively powerless to demand its share of increasing prosperity.’

Not to mention the Bush tax cuts and other plutocrat-friendly policies.

Now, I may come off sounding like a socialist-friendly, anti-capitalist liberal at times. But the fact is, the gap between the haves and have-nots has been increasing greatly in our society. Fewer and fewer people have been hoarding more and more wealth. And our government has only been contributing to the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many.

The no-bloggin’ blues

Apr 09, 2004 in Personal

I notice I haven’t updated this in at least a week. I remember I said something before about taking an intense interest in something and then getting bored with it…

So this is my attempt to justify that I’m not really bored with blogging, just distracted by other things. I felt an urgent need to do an update — when you take a nap and dream about updating your blog, you know it’s time to update the blog…

So without further ado, here are some things that have been on my mind as of late:

  • I bought a car recently: ‘89 Hyundai, one owner, “driven by a little old once a week to church” type of thing. Has a bunch of newish parts: alternator, muffler, radiator. Has less than 100k miles, a little front bumper damage, but otherwise in fair shape. The wheel pulls a little to the right, so it’ll need an alignment job, and eventually some shocks and brakes. Otherwise, a good buy for $880.
  • The folks over at Homestar Runner have been unusually prolific as of late. Many new toons in the past week. Their new CD, Strong Bad Sings is number one on our college radio station, WMTS.
  • Our fine student newspaper Sidelines reports that the local county commission is considering a measure to ban same-sex marriages. The article quotes county commissioner Mike Sparks:

    [Sparks] cited the plight of the youth as a major reason he decided to go forth with the proposal.

    “If our country says, you know, yes, that [same-sex marriage is acceptable], if they’re already having trouble with their self-identity, and probably 95 percent of those youth do,” he said, “and they see an issue like this, if they’re already kind of on the fence that they might want to choose a lifestyle like that, it’s only going to encourage that choice.

    “You’re looking at a lifestyle where you’re going to be ridiculed.”

    Statements like this show that much of the anti-gay opposition lacks even a basic clue about homosexuality. I doubt that 95% of anti-gay folks have even seen a gay person, much less know one.

    But Sparks’ comments bring the anti-gay position into clearer focus. The one thing that anti-gay proponents fear (but don’t want to mention) is that they’re deathly afraid their kids will decide to become gay. That’s why we must ban gay marriage, because we don’t want our sons and daughters to ever know the pleasures of anal sex or girl-on-girl action. :P

  • Looking at my blog comments, it appears that the post about the Satanic messages in “Stariway to Heaven” is getting quite a lot of chatter. In fact, it is the most talked about post on my blog to date. That’s kind of sad really, as it’s all comments from stoners and bible thumpers. They’re basically competing with the blog spam I used to get on a regular basis.
  • I had two tests yesterday. Both were in subjects that I could care less about. I did fine, though I was stressing over my lack of knowledge of the material. Which makes me wonder: Why am I paying these people to learn things I could care less about? Like algebra?

    I think I’m just discouraged that I’m in my third year of college, and have yet to clear those nasty general requirements. I won’t even be eligible to apply for candidacy in my major until at least next Spring. Looks like the five-year plan is turning into the six-year plan. At this rate, I could get a Masters in a little under ten years :P

That is all for now.