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‘Nuff said

May 02, 2004 in Linkage

Winnipeg Sun: “Creepy Olsen twins frighten me”

Great album, bad movie

May 02, 2004 in Film

Right now, at a quarter-til-four in the morning, IFC is showing the film adaptation of Tommy, the classic Who album.

This film is so cheesy, it’s beyond description. Aside from butchering the original Who classic (with the full complicity of the band, evidenced by Roger Daltrey in the role of Tommy), the film just comes across as a bad 70’s acid trip. It’s a technicolor nightmare, with bad performances, pointless rock star cameos, and a senseless plot.

And believe it or not, Ann Margret was actually nominated for an Oscar for this film; probably for the scene where she rolls around in baked beans. (She did win the Golden Globe though.)