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Don’t code your blog posts by hand any longer!

May 05, 2004 in Tech

Movable Type users: If you’re not using a third-party blog client to post to your blog, you’re doing way too much typing!

Unless you prefer to input all of your HTML by hand, a blogging client will greatly simplify the process of posting to your blog. I assume that all of you fine readers are smart individuals who have already taken advantage of this technological innovation. But if you’re not hip to it yet (hell, I only just learned about it recently), here’s the gist.

There are three blog clients geared specifically towards MT. If you want something simple, try MTClient. It doesn’t have the most attractive interface, and it lacks a help file, but it works with a minimum of configuration.

My preferred client is SharpMT. It’s attractive, full-featured, updated frequently, and it supports plug-ins! (Don’t ask me where you can get ‘em though). You’ll need to install the Microsoft .NET framework (from Windows Update, 23MB) to run it.

I haven’t tried Zempt yet, but it looks like a fine program. It also supports plugins, and you can even call it through a browser bookmarklet.

In short, the above blogging clients have just about all of the posting functions of the MT web interface. You’ll wonder how you updated your blog without it!

Today’s strange music

May 05, 2004 in Linkage

Adam Kempa illustrates how to use a spectrograph program to extract an image of Richard D. James’ (Aphex Twin) face from the second track of the Windowlicker EP (with photos).

Also illustrated is how to make sounds with your own graphics, using the free (for home use) Coagula Light. If you like Coagula, try the author’s Granulab program. Just input a .wav file and move the sliders to make some truly fucked-up noise.

Empty-Handed has alerted me to the existence of Comfort Stand, a free online record label whose latest “release” is an imaginary metal band from 1982 named Iron Metal. Inspired by a Krokus concert video, two teenagers from Alabama create a fictional Yugoslavian metal band, and these home recordings are the result.

Comfort Stand also has one of the new releases from the inimitable R. Stevie Moore, who is probably the most brilliantly prolific, lo-fi, home recording artist in existence. (Yes, he’s even more prolific than Robert Pollard of Guided by Voices!) If you’re in the mood to be totally bewildered, try navigating Moore’s website. Never have I seen such an egregrious use of free web hosting services!

Did I mention that everything listed above is free?

The real reason behind the Iraq War

May 05, 2004 in Current Events Books | The cult that’s running the country

This excerpt from Joseph Wilson’s new book The Politics of Truth, offers a lucid explanation of the real reasons behind the Iraq War: the cabal of neoconservative hawks at the highest levels of our government and their Middle East agenda.

Wilson, as you may recall, is the husband of Valerie Plame, the CIA operative that was outed in a column by conservative columnist Robert Novak. Wilson, a respected diplomat, debunked Bush’s allegations about Saddam’s attempt to purchase uranium from Niger. For that, he has been subject to a smear campaign by the Bush Administration, and his wife, a secret agent, has had her career destroyed.