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More trash cinema with ninjas: Bikini Bandits Experience

May 16, 2004 in Film

Another bad (as in good) Blockbuster rental: Bikini Bandits Experience is a stylish, yet trashy B-movie for the Internet age. (Also, it has ninjas.) Featuring Corey Feldman in a starring role, the film also features Dee Dee Ramone as the Pope, Jello Biafra as the porn producer, Maynard James Keenan (of Tool) as Satan, with Hank the Dwarf and Gary the Retard of Howard Stern fame.

Developed from a series of Internet shorts, Bikini Bandits Experience is a hodgepodge of MTV-style quick edits, animation, random skits, hot rods, and yes, babes in bikinis brandishing guns. Interestingly, Bikini Bandits is the creation of Steven Grasse of Gyro, a “brand consultancy” (i.e. advertising) agency that specialises in unconventional marketing for many major companies. Gyro also runs two apparel lines and the G*Mart e-commerce/retail store in downtown Philadelphia.

Despite their corporate cred, Gyro makes some good, trashy underground cinema. Check out the shorts, and rent the movie next time you’re at Blockbuster.