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Comcast remote control manuals

Jun 13, 2004 in Tech

Comcast cable box, remote manuals and wiring diagrams

If you’re a Comcast cable subscriber and you’re wondering how to program the cable box remote to control your TV or other devices, the above page has the info you need. (Chances are the cable company didn’t give you a manual to the remote).

If you have the newfangled grey remote with the On Demand button, this is the page is for you. You can setup the remote to adjust the volume and mute your TV.

Wiring diagrams are also available for using your VCR, DVD, TiVo, RF modulator or other devices with the cable box.

“God hates soccer” video

Jun 13, 2004 in Linkage

For those who haven’t seen this yet: Japanese television reported this footage of a freak dust devil materializing on a soccer field during a game. (A dust devil is similar to a tornado. They occur on hot, dusty terrain when heated surface air is disturbed by a gust of wind, creating a vortex of air that can sometimes be as destructive as a weak tornado.)