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Like Netflix, but cooler.

Jun 16, 2004 in Film

I was considering signing up for an online rental service such as Netflix, so I could rent movies that I couldn’t find in the local video stores. I came across Nicheflix and signed up for a two week trial membership.

Nicheflix specialises in foreign and cult DVD’s. While their selection isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Netflix, they do have an impressive selection of Asian films, cult TV shows, and anime; including many samurai films and a large collection of Shaw Brothers films. I just received my first DVDs today; they arrived in about 3 days.

Since many Nicheflix DVDs are foreign, you’ll need a multi-region DVD player to play them. If you don’t have a multi-region DVD player, you may be able to hack your DVD player with the remote control to play non-region 1 DVDs. Search here for your DVD player model.