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The death of Bonnaroo? (greatly exaggerated, of course)

Jun 21, 2004 in Current Events

Sunday’s lead article in the Tennessean reports that locals in Manchester, Coffee County (where Bonnaroo is held) are questioning whether the yearly music festival is worth it. The deaths of two concertgoers this year, the inevitable traffic problems, and rampant drug use have raised concerns.

Compared to similar large gatherings, Bonnaroo is rather peaceful, and organizers have tried their best to minimize security, traffic and drug problems. “Granted there’s some people who are inconvenienced because of the traffic… But the Titans inconvenience people. A Vanderbilt football game inconveniences people. Life is that way.”

No porn here. Go elsewhere.

Jun 21, 2004 in Humor

Another installment of that blogging standby, the Strange But True Search Terms! post (pRon edition). This blog came up during the following searches:

indie (rock) porn
homestar runner porn
handicapped porn
school teacher 70s porn
after prom porn
gary the retard pictures

Pray for Reason

Jun 21, 2004 in Linkage

Pray For

I’m not a religious man, but this is something I can believe in. Pray for Reason asks people to pray (meditate, whatever) for Bush’s defeat in the November election.

Pray for Reason is a response to the Presidential Prayer Team website, which has 2.8 million people praying daily for President Bush. (To be fair, the PPT claim to be non-partisan, and not endorsing any elected official, although they and Bush do share similar beliefs.)

An excellent page of resources highlights Bush’s Christian agenda, and the influence of Christian lobbyists on Bush’s policy decisions.