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The mysterious Liberal Elite

Jul 01, 2004 in Current Events

Nickeled and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, addresses the right-wing myth of a “liberal elite” and it’s Trotskyite origins.

“The Trotskyites brought this theory along with them when they mutated into neocons in the 60’s, and it was perhaps their most precious contribution to the emerging American right. Backed up by the concept of a “liberal elite,” right-wingers could crony around with their corporate patrons in luxuriously appointed think tanks and boardrooms, all the while purporting to represent the average overworked Joe.”

Reheated link of the day

Jul 01, 2004 in Linkage

The Morning News - Sentences of Discontent: Sentences to start off your best-selling, Great American novel.

?If only you knew the problems farting has caused me.

?We never should have given the nine-armed monkeys machine guns.

?Of all of the king?s cows, only Bootsie had magical poop.