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Destroy big media, says Ted Turner!

Jul 25, 2004 in Current Events

Washington Monthly - “My Beef with Big Media” by Ted Turner

Mr. Big Television himself weighs in on media consolidation and the effect it’s had on independent media, entrepreneurship, local programming and objectivity. Of course, all of these arguments against media consolidation are nothing new, but it’s refreshing to hear it come from a former cable TV empire honcho.

What’s truly interesting though is Ted’s simple, yet obvious solution to media consolidation: break up the big companies.

“We’ve done this before: to the railroad trusts in the first part of the 20th century, to Ma Bell more recently. Indeed, big media itself was cut down to size in the 1970s, and a period of staggering innovation and growth followed. Breaking up the reconstituted media conglomerates may seem like an impossible task when their grip on the policy-making process in Washington seems so sure. But the public’s broad and bipartisan rebellion against the FCC’s pro-consolidation decisions suggests something different.”