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File Sharing Experiment: How much money does Big Media make from file sharing? (plus Today’s Reheated News Links)

Aug 05, 2004 in Linkage

Nuclear Elephant is running an interesting data-gathering experiment to determine just how much money the RIAA, MPAA and SPA may be making from consumers who sample content from file sharing services before buying the product.

Certainly one of the main arguments in favor of file sharing is that it allows users to sample content before they buy. Any file sharer (at least those with some disposable income) has noticed this effect, and has likely run out and bought an album, video game or DVD after they’ve tried it out. I myself ran out this weekend and bought Neverwinter Nights Gold for $40 after downloading it from Bit Torrent.

A little wackiness from a Congressional race here in Tennessee: Republican James Hart is an advocate of eugenics (read: Hitler’s “master race”) who is running unopposed for the GOP nomination, simply because local Reps didn’t bother to run their own candidate against the 15-year incumbent Democrat.

From the current issue of Esquire: “The Case Against George W. Bush,” written by none other than Ron Reagan (the son of that other Ronnie Reagan). Read this one if you’re still on the fence.

A lot of noise has been made recently about Tom Ridge’s occasional habit of announcing non-specific terror threats and bumping the terror alert up a notch. In the man’s defense, I’d just like to say this: If you were al-Qaeda, and were planning a terrorist attack, and your target intercepted some of your communications and (vagely) announced your intentions to the world, don’t you think that maybe you’d think twice about going on with your plan?

See, it’s a deterrent effect! “Damn, they’re onto us!” the terrorists must be saying. After all, they watch CNN too. It’s hard to launch another terror attack when you always have to stay one step ahead of your target. Good job Mr. Ridge!


Aug 05, 2004 in Humor

Bush: “They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”