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So how much can you bench?

Aug 09, 2004 in Linkage

An oddly fascinating article in Slate today examines the recent string of broken records in the sport of powerlifting. In a sport where it took over 17 years to break the 800 lb. benchpress mark, it’s taken only a year or two to break 900. And two of the sport’s major competitors are close to breaking 1000.

The secret? Not steroids, but a sturdy garment called a bench shirt. Technological advances in making these high-tech shirts have allowed weightlifters to bench more weight than is humanly possible, or advisable — choice quote from the article:

“Mendelson says that when he’s pressing 1,000, “I can feel my bones flexing.” The first time Kennelly held a half-ton he heard a humming noise and had blurred vision. “Now my central nervous system has adapted to it. I’m used to it,” he says.”

The newest Fark cliche, bitch.

Aug 09, 2004 in Humor

I’ve noticed that nearly every informal mention of Rick James’ death — at least online, and especially on Fark — has been followed by the word “bitch.” Like, “Rick James died this week, bitch.” Yeah, it’s funny. We all recognize the Chapelle’s Show reference. And it’s already a cliche.

Let’s flog this dead horse a little bit more, and use it in non-Rick James related items. Like, “U.S. to Consider Sanctions Against Sudan, Bitch.” Or, “Metro Schools Taking Extra Precautions For Bus Safety, Bitch.”

Some programmer with a lot of free time should write a Rick James Generator, where you input a webpage and the output appends the end of every sentence with “bitch.” Just remember, I thought of it first.