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Franchise vs. Franchise

Aug 19, 2004 in Film

With the spate of vs. movies coming out recently that pit two seperate sci-fi/horror franchises against each other (I’m talking Freddy vs. Jason and Alien vs. Predator here), I was thinking about other versus movies that Hollywood could consider doing. Remember, if you see these movies in the future, I thought of it first!

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

One of the voyages of the Enterprise end up in the far-off galaxy of Star Wars, wayyy into the future. Yoda XXIV and Han Solo CXIV team up with the crew of the Enterprise XI to battle the Death Star XXVI.

Terminator vs. The Matrix

The intelligent machines from Terminator battle it out with the intelligent machines from the Matrix to determine who will rule the future of Earth. The Terminator T-5000 battles it out with Neo IV, with Arnold reprising his role as the Terminator T-800.

Leatherface vs. Mike Myers

The original 1970s inbred slasher icons face off in a gruesome battle with a high collateral body count. Wait, this would actually be kinda pointless and boring…

Hellraiser vs. Freddy

You’d pay money to see this, right? I know I would! What could be cooler that Freddy vs. the Cenobites? At least the dialog would rock.