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Has anyone bothered to tell this guy that pro wrestling is FAKE?

Aug 28, 2004 in Pop Culture

Hulk Hogan’s Heroes - Why pro wrestlers should be in the Olympics. By Dave McKenna

McKenna, a sports columnist writing for Slate argues that professional wrestlers should be allowed to compete in the Olympics, much like pro basketball players.

Now, I don’t know much about Greco-Roman-style wrestling (the sort that’s practiced at the Olympics), but I’m sure it has little in common with the acrobatic testosterone soap opera that is the WWE.

If you’ve watched the weightlifting competitions at the Olympics, it should be apparent that pro lifters do not at all resemble the buff, ripped, and supplement-enhanced bodybuilders. In fact, the pro lifters often have noticeable pot bellies and considerable girth, but they can lift 500 lbs. without breaking a sweat. It’s unlikely you’d see a bodybuilder compete at that level.

Neither do Olympic wrestlers resemble the cartoonishly-ripped pro wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan. In fact, I bet that those entertainers would have a hard time holding their own against an experienced Olympic grappler.