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How Kerry can win the election

Sep 16, 2004 in Current Events

The Kerry campaign should listen up: Wayne Barrett of the Village Voice outlines how Kerry can clinch the election. Just bring up the failure of the Bush administration to pursue and capture Osama bin Laden.

It seems that Osama has been all but forgotten in the last two years. Even Donald Rumsfeld confuses Saddam with Osama (Anyone watch last night’s Daily Show?). This is hardly surprising, given the administration’s insistence on replacing al Qaeda with Iraq as the gravest threat facing America.

Three years after 9/11, the group responsible for bringing down the towers is still alive and well. In the meantime, the Bush administration has been diverting valuable resources into a war that is only tangentially related to terrorism. Homeland security initiatives have gone underfunded, and did I mention that Osama is apparently still alive and well?

Americans apparently have a short memory. Terrorism and Iraq are so closely intertwined in the American psyche that many people think they are one and the same. The key for the Democrats is to seperate this tenuous notion and emphasize the failures of the Bush administration to stop the real terrorists. Our leaders’ habit of ignoring Osama only serves to distract us from the real threat.