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Another contribution to the blogging noise on the presidential debates

Sep 30, 2004 in Current Events

So the first presidential debate has just ended, and in my opinion, Kerry dominated over Bush. (Of course, my opinion may be biased as an anti-Bush liberal, but I was pleasantly surprised by Kerry’s performance.)

Kerry was persuasive, forceful, and articulate. He stayed on point (as both candidates did) and made the important distinction between the Iraq war and the failure to capture Osama bin Laden. He often smiled and nodded in agreement when Bush brought up Kerry’s past comments on Saddam and Iraq, but refused to be dragged into a debate on the “flip-flop” accusations.

Bush, as we already know, is not the best extemporaneous speaker. His performance varied between confidently-spoken positions and occasional stammering and lengthy pauses. His responses consisted mostly of moral and ideological platitudes, and his rebuttals to Kerry were often “shame on you”-type responses, such as his repeated assertion that telling the truth about Iraq somehow weakens the confidence of our troops. (I’m sure the troops don’t need Kerry to tell them that Iraq is a mess.)

Near the end of the debate, in response to Kerry, Bush stammers and regurgitates some remark about Saddam Hussein. Kerry responds, “But that’s not the issue.” Bush looks stunned. I only wish I had a video, because that was probably the most defining moment of the debate.

Oh, and for you undecided voters, do some fucking research. If you can’t decide which candidate you prefer, learn what the issues are and read the news. There’s this thing called the Internet that has tons of information on current events, politics and opinions. There’s no excuse for you to be ignorant, unless you want to be.