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Tennessee voters support Bush, but don’t have a good grasp on the issues. Coincidence?

Oct 20, 2004 in Current Events

The Survey Group at Middle Tennessee State University (the school I currently attend) released the results of their statewide election poll this week. The poll shows, not suprisingly, that Tennesseans favor Bush over Kerry by a significant margin. Also not suprisingly, most voters don’t have a clue where the candidates stand on the issues.

Poll participants were quizzed on five domestic issues, including tax cuts, school vouchers, social security, health insurance tax breaks and pollution controls. Less than half of the voters polled answered correctly on where the candidates stood:

“Overall, in fact, Tennesseans averaged only two right answers when quizzed about which candidate held which view on the five issues. A fifth (20%) got no right answers, and 19% got one answer right. Another fifth (20%) got two right answers, and still another fifth (20%) got three right answers. Only 13% got four right answers, and a mere 8% got all of the answers right.”

Also, 49% of Tennesseans polled said that Bush is at least as intelligent as Kerry, while 15% feel that Bush is more intellegent. The responses to this question fell along party lines, so it’s not a complete surprise, given Bush’s support in this state. But still, what the f*ck, people? I mean, seriously.