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The right wing domination of American government has begun

Nov 03, 2004 in Current Events

Despite an unpopular war in Iraq, thousands of American dead, countless Iraqi civilian dead, the failure to capture bin Laden, misleading statements on WMDs, an arrogant and belligerent foreign policy, the failure to adequately fund homeland security, a $413 billion federal deficit (down from a $230 billion surplus in 2000), 600,000 jobs lost (the only president to do so since the Great Depression), tax cuts for the rich, kowtowing to corporate interests, curtailment of civil liberties, dismantling of environmental protections, the promotion of pseudo-science (stem cells and global warming) and a right-wing agenda (abortion, gay marriage), excessive secrecy, vindictive actions towards critics, anti-intellectualism, a low approval rating, worldwide unpopularity, the largest protests since Vietnam, poor debate performance and a record voter turnout, the people of the United States have chosen to re-elect George W. Bush as president.

Apparently, incompetence is not a significantly negative factor if you’re a Republican. Other Republican incumbents who won their races include Kentucky senator Jim Bunning, whose bizarre behavior includes statements that his opponent looked like one of Saddam’s sons, and that his wife was beaten black and blue by his opponent’s staffers. He refused to debate his opponent in person, relying on the help of a teleprompter via satellite from the RNC headquarters in DC. He also admitted that he doesn’t read the news (aside from Fox News), and was unaware that a reservist unit refused a mission in Iraq.

Alaskan senator Lisa Murkowski also won reelection, despite concerns of nepotism after her father appointed her to the Senate seat that he vacated. New Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn made a bizarre statement about “rampant lesbianism” in Oklahoma schools, supports the death penalty for doctors who perform abortions, and called state legislators “crapheads.” New South Carolina senator Jim DeMint remarked in a debate that homosexuals and unwed pregnant mothers should not be allowed to work as schoolteachers.

The right wing has won the election fight in their culture war, securing control of Congress, the White House, and the possibility of Supreme Court appointments in the next few years. But the Republicans need to be aware that well over 40% of the country did not vote for them, and those slim margins of victory can vanish next time they’re up for election. We need to put them on notice that a significant portion of the electorate will not tolerate extreme right-wing agendas, legislated discrimination and intolerance, corporate cronyism, the ransacking of the environment, unfair tax breaks for the wealthy, global imperialism (especially the misguided and incompetent use of our military strength) and the supression of our freedoms. If they choose to advance the agendas of the Christian right, the neoconservative hawks and the wealthy corporate elite at the expense of the poor, the working class, minorities, gays, young people and the rest of the world’s citizenry, there’s going to be some agitation.