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More on the Urban Archipelago, FCC complaints and Firefox extensions

Nov 19, 2004 in Current Events

The Stranger article referenced in the last post now has it’s own website: No original content aside from the article though. Luke from Correct My Spelling! stumbled across my post and has some cogent analysis on his site.

Ok FCC, we get it. Americans don’t like nudity with our football. Especially when it involves mixed-race couples. Barely-clad cheerleaders are ok though. Realistic violence is also ok, as long as there are no swear words uttered.

The current FCC crackdown almost makes me nostalgic for the 80’s, when limits regarding sexual content on television were constantly pushed, and hardly anyone was fined. While the FCC is coming down hard on indecency complaints on network television, it continues to push forward it’s agenda for increased media consolidation, and is even attempting to tighten it’s grasp on cable, satellite and the internet. (Fortunately, they’ve failed to make significant progress so far, but the implications are disturbing).

Firefox users: Forget Mozilla Update, and get your extensions from the Mozdev Extension Room instead. Mozdev has an updated list of extensions, and if the extension you’re looking for hasn’t been updated, you can always check the author’s site.