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I Want To Believe: “Black Triangle” UFO’s

Nov 20, 2004 in Linkage

An interesting post on Fark this morning: Las Vegas TV station KLAS recently did a report on “black triangle” UFOs (w/ video), which appear as triangular formations of lights that move slowly across the sky. This particular variation of UFO sightings has started to penetrate the mainstream media: did a recent article on black triangle sightings.

But what’s interesting to me about this is not necessarily the novelty of it, but the fact that I saw something very similar earlier this week. I was outside around 8pm for an astronomy lab at school. I looked straight up, and saw dim lights in the shape of a flock of geese (very similar to the top photo in the KLAS report), moving swiftly across the sky. Unlike most of these sightings, it wasn’t low to the ground, and thus it wasn’t very bright. But it was too dark and too swift to be a flock of geese, and it certainly didn’t resemble an airplane.

I do live near a municipal airport, and did see several planes in the sky that night. But planes are usually well lit, with blinking lights. I only saw the strange object for a few seconds, and I don’t think anyone else saw it. I shrugged it off; perhaps it was an airplane or a flock of geese. But after coming across this online, I’m starting to wonder exactly what it was that I saw, and if it has anything to do with this black triangle phenomenon.

I’m not really obsessed with strange phenomenon, or out to win any arguments defending their existence, but considering that there are so many uniform reports from across the world concerning strange objects in the sky, it makes you start to wonder…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go buy some aluminum foil…