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Fewer police and firemen since 9/11

Nov 29, 2004 in Current Events

An article in Monday’s USA Today (“Police, fire departments see shortages across USA”) reports on the declining numbers of firefighters, police and other first responders in many communities. There are now fewer police and firefighters on the streets than there were before 9/11. Special projects have been cut, training is harder to come by, and local officials are worried about whether they will be able to respond to large scale disasters.

The reason for the decline? Tight budgets, of course. The possible solution? Federal money to increase staffing levels, in the form of the SAFER Act which was passed by Congress last October. But despite the passage of the SAFER Act, the Bush administration has not funded the program. According to the article: “Bush administration officials say the federal government shouldn’t be in the business of paying salaries for state and local employees.”

Yep, you heard that right. Apparently, the Bush administration doesn’t think it’s important for you to have adequate police and fire protection in your communities. Just another example of how they have made us less safe since 9/11.