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Motley Crue to reunite

Dec 07, 2004 in Pop Culture

It’s official… Motley Crue are reuniting for a world tour! (sighs, rolls eyes)

Although I’m sure some people will be glad to see Motley Crue back together, it’s kinda sad at the same time. The ravages of time can be hard on rock stars, but it’s especially hard on rockers who have lived so hard and so fast. Lead singer Vince Neil is now an overweight man who led a chicken dance at Octoberfest, guitarist Mick Mars just underwent hip replacement surgery, and Tommy Lee has found a second career as a tabloid and reality TV celebrity. Establishment rockers like the Rolling Stones, the Who and Aerosmith, by comparison, have aged almost gracefully.

I’ll admit that I was a Motley Crue fan back in the day (”the day” being around 1986). Their peak was about 15-20 years ago, of course, but man, they were the shit when Shout at the Devil was still fresh. Even if you don’t like Motley Crue, their autobiography The Dirt is one of the best rock bios you’ll ever read.

In semi-related news, Maker’s Mark is a damn good (and affordable) Kentucky bourbon whisky. Shopping tip: Whenever it’s spelled “whisky” (without an ‘e’), it’s probably good.