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Thoughts about the Schiavo Case

Mar 27, 2005 in Current Events

I’m getting tired of hearing about Terri Schiavo. Yet, I can’t stop pondering an opinion about it. Damn media.

Ultimately, this is a personal issue between the family members which just happens to involve the courts. The President, Congress and Florida Gov. Bush have no right to get involved. While the media circus surrounding this case is despicable, what’s even more appalling are the politicians and right-wingers using this situation for political gain.

To those who would argue that Terri Schiavo is an extraordinary case in need of rescue, I say that this sort of thing happens all the time. Families are always having to make decisions on whether to keep permanently hospitalized family members on life support. The only thing that makes this case extraordinary is the feud between Michael Schaivo and Terri’s parents, who have led this contentious case through the court system for the last few years and created a media sensation. (And yes folks, it turns out that the root of this conflict is originally about money, namely a $1 mil malpractice settlement in 1993.)

It’s been revealed that House Majority leader Tom DeLay joined his family in a decision to pull his own father off life support 17 years ago. And George Bush, when he was governor of Texas, signed a bill that allowed the very thing that he and the Republicans are railing against in the Schiavo case. A firm majority of Americans have opposed the government’s intervention in this case, and the right-wingers’ obvious hypocrisy is appalling.

Regardless of one’s personal opinions about whether Terri should be kept alive, the reality is that it is Michael’s decision alone. Years of court decisions have established this. The public and the executive and legislative branches should stay out of it. You wouldn’t want the government and the media invading your privacy if you had to make a similar decision.