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The Mysterious Man Known as Leather Oaks

Apr 14, 2005 in Humor

I came across this oldie but goodie on Cruel Site of the Day, and felt compelled to share it with everybody.

This is by far one of the most hilariously bizarre sites on the Internet. If you have an aversion to the sight of lanky, white-bearded men in tight, revealing fetish apparel with an artificially-enhanced male bulge, then go no further. If, on the other hand, you were wondering what it would be like if Santa joined the Village People, then go right ahead.

Leather Oaks is the story of a man and his obsession: leather, latex, and lycra, worn way too tight and always with that artificially-enhanced man bulge. Pages upon pages of hi-res photographs of the man modeling what he loves. I recommend the Christmas Card File and the Rubber Page.

I, by the way, do not share Leather Oak’s particular fetish, but hey, more power to him. I just couldn’t stop giggling.