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Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Jul 27, 2005 in Pop Culture

A streaming video version of the 1986 cult classic documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot is available online! 1998’s HMPL: The Lost Footage is also available for viewing.

HMPL has inspired spinoffs such as Neil Diamond Parking Lot, Harry Potter Parking Lot and a TV series currently showing on the Trio cable network. All of these videos plus many more can be viewed at filmmaker Jeff Krulik’s website.

World of Warcraft blog-type hilarity

Jul 27, 2005 in Humor

Once upon a time, I traded links with a blog called Martian War Machine. Recently, I checked my Bloglines account and wondered how the hell this feed for “Equinox the Nifty” got into my blogroll? (It became obvious once I looked at the domain.)

Equinox the Nifty is a very amusing series of illustrated “stories” created with screenshots from World of Warcraft. It’s much funnier if you actually play WoW, but still funny even if you don’t.