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Engrish!! Japanese porn DVD edition

Aug 03, 2005 in Humor

We all get a chuckle out of Engrish, the bizarre and often hilarious mistranslations of Asian languages into english. Nowhere is this more hilariously apparent than in the world of Japanese porn.

For example, here is a text list of all the DVD’s sold by (Not surprisingly, 90% of the titles are porn.) A few highlights:

  • We Will Help You with Masturbation
  • Speedy Changing Clothes of Amateur Girls
  • Group Hypnotism Convention
  • What would you do if all the females in the world were taller than you?
  • Torture my Ultra-lewd Bobbers!
  • Make a Guess of Boyfriend’s Penis!
  • No Bra Mouldering Bloomer Athletic Meet
  • Metamorphosis Lady with the Delusion Peculiarity
  • The First Addiction of Hitting Balls 2
  • Double Anal Trance DX
  • The Middle-Aged Woman who Put on the Body-Con Suit
  • Brain Shock Office Lady
  • The Wolf Hell in the Train, Bus & Toilet
  • All-Nude Rhythmic Gymnastics