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The future of Apple’s Mac: A cheap PC

Aug 13, 2005 in Tech

A recent article on Wired News reports on the hacked version of Mac OS X that allows Apple’s operating system to be run on ordinary x86 PC’s. Ironically, it runs faster on a PC than it does on a Mac in most cases.

Apple’s next generation of hardware will use an Intel processor, similar to the ones currently used in PC’s today. A leaked version of the new OS, compatible with the new Intel hardware, has been circulating on BitTorrent. The install process for the PC is a bit hairy, not to mention time consuming, so it’s not for the weak-of-heart.

I’ve commented previously on Apple and their stubborn refusal to open up their mini-monopoly to outside influences. I think that the smart thing for Apple to do is to make the Tiger OS X available for PC’s. It would certainly increase their market share, leading to a wider choice of software for OS X and giving Microsoft their first truly formidable competitor on the x86 platform. It’s probably already destined to happen, at least according to this guy.