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Fantastic, eh?

Jan 24, 2006 in Current Events

Whenever a political party comes into power for an extended period of time, it seems that party is eventually and inevitably plagued by scandal, leading voters to elect the opposition party in the next election. It happened to the Democrats years ago, and it will happen to the Republicans very soon.

And so it goes that Canada has elected a conservative prime minister and minority government, ending a 12 year rule by a Liberal party that has, obviously, become plagued by corruption and lack of voter confidence. For lefties, this is a discouraging development. We’ve always been able to depend on Canada for progressive policies and pissing off the Bush administration.

In the eyes of many lefties, Canada has become a progressive mecca, where pot is decriminalized, gay marriage is legal, and socialized healthcare is abundant. Of course, it’s still hasn’t been enough to trigger a lefty migration up north (as promised after Bush’s (re)election), where the winters are cold and hockey is the national sport.

Maybe we should have warned Canada against electing conservatives as a backlash against the ruling party. A lot of countries, including ours, have elected conservatives in recent years, and while it may seem an effective panacea to weary voters, it’s really not. I mean, look at what conservatives have done to our country in the last few years.

It’s too late for the Canadians, but for other countries who are thinking of voting conservative, I urge you to think twice. Unless you like the idea of George Bush getting another world leader as an ideological buddy, vote for someone else.