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Surprising facts about Fox News Conservatives

Oct 21, 2009 in Current Events

Democracy Corps - The Very Separate World of Conservative Republicans

This eye-opening focus group study paints a portrait of the modern conservative movement — the Glenn Beck watching, Palin-loving bloc that composes one-fifth of our electorate. Some of the facts are surprising, others are downright mind-boggling:

They’re not really racist

Conservatives bristle at the suggestion that their opposition to Obama is based on racism. Rather, it’s based simply on the fact that he’s a liberal democrat with a dynamic personality — just like Bill Clinton was. Although there are undoubtly some racists among their ranks, it’s not really a motivating factor.

They dislike the Republican party too

These conservatives see the modern Republican party as out of touch with their base, having moved away from its conservative ideals. They’re embarrased by George W. Bush, although they like him personally and admire his convictions. For these Republicans, Sarah Palin is the great white hope of the Republican party.

They really believe that Obama intends to install a socialist dicatorship

Just like all conspiracy theorists, these conservatives feel like they know what’s really going on in this country, while everyone else remains in the dark thanks to the efforts of the all-powerful liberal media. Fox News, not surprisingly, is where they get much of their information.

Everything from the bank bailouts to health care reform is an attempt to topple our government so that Obama and the secretive moneyed “liberal elites” who put him into power can install a socialist government. No really, I’m serious. This is what they actually believe.

They are far outside the mainstream of American political thought

Although they’re loud and omnipresent, the Fox News conservatives stand alone in the realm of American politics. Compared to an focus group of moderate conservatives, the differences are striking.

The moderate group hopes that Obama succeeds, even though they may have voted for McCain. They have concerns about the Democrats, but it’s mostly due to government spending. They think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are idiots, and that Sarah Palin is unqualified for national office.

The Fox News conservatives comprise two-thirds of the Republican party, and with this level of mass delusion it’s apparent that the Republican party is in trouble.