How to solve the triangle peg game

Saturday, July 24th, 2004 @ 11:22 pm | Pop Culture

Anyone who has ever eaten at a Cracker Barrel has played the triangle peg game. The objective is to jump and remove the pegs, leaving as few pegs remaining as possible. One peg remaining is “genius,” two pegs is “purty smart,” three pegs is “just plain dumb,” and four or more remaining makes you an “egg-no-ra-moose.”

Despite the obvious simplicity of the game, two pegs remaining is the best that many people can do. I’ve played this game probably hundreds of times (I used to own one of these as a kid), but have yet to find a one peg solution, except by accident.

Since puzzles are inherently mathematical, the full range of solutions can be found with a simple computer program. Dan O’Brien’s Peg Board Puzzle Page features downloadable text solutions and the source code for his program. This Cracker Barrel page also has instructions, history, and an online version of the game.

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