The newest Fark cliche, bitch.

Monday, August 9th, 2004 @ 4:57 pm | Humor

I’ve noticed that nearly every informal mention of Rick James’ death — at least online, and especially on Fark — has been followed by the word “bitch.” Like, “Rick James died this week, bitch.” Yeah, it’s funny. We all recognize the Chapelle’s Show reference. And it’s already a cliche.

Let’s flog this dead horse a little bit more, and use it in non-Rick James related items. Like, “U.S. to Consider Sanctions Against Sudan, Bitch.” Or, “Metro Schools Taking Extra Precautions For Bus Safety, Bitch.”

Some programmer with a lot of free time should write a Rick James Generator, where you input a webpage and the output appends the end of every sentence with “bitch.” Just remember, I thought of it first.

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