Time to put the ‘P’ in front of “resident Bush”

Saturday, January 15th, 2005 @ 2:03 pm | Current Events

On the eve of his re-inauguration, President Bush appears to be acting a little more… presidential in anticipation of his second term.

He has recently expressed regret over his tough cowboy talk such as “bring ‘em on” and “dead or alive.” He also appears to have done some serious reading, despite his publicly anti-intellectual posture.

Signs seem to point to a change in Bush, a slightly more refined president than the cowboy maverick who governed his first term by the seat of his pants. Now that he’s a lame duck, liberals can take comfort in the fact that the second Bush term will probably be less interesting than his first (barring a scandal or other earthshaking event). I predict that, despite the firm Republican grip on the federal government, the GOP and the President will find that advancing their agenda is much tougher than they thought.

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