More Red/Blue State Propaganda!

Saturday, February 12th, 2005 @ 3:29 pm | Linkage

Hear the Issues is a political website chock full of maps, charts and statistics that examines various factors across the 50 states. Many of the statistics that were passed around during the 2004 election are featured here, including:

  • The infamous IQ and education ratings of red and blue states. Using two different sets of data, the author concludes that there is a significant correlation between education levels and red/blue state status. Blue states scored higher than the national median by a 2 to 1 ratio.
  • Gay Marriage and Divorce Rates: The states with the highest divorce rates (and the lowest average of same-sex couples) tend to be red states, whereas the states with the lowest divorce rates (and the highest average of same-sex couples) tend to be blue states, with a concentration in the northeast.
  • Teen Pregnancy: Again, the highest teen pregnancy rates tend to be in the red states, with the highest percentages concentrated in the southeast. Bush’s home state of Texas ranks number 2.
  • Federal Funding Expenditures: The states that receive the most money from the federal government per dollar of taxes paid in tend to be rural red states. The states that receive less money from the federal government than they pay in tend to be populous blue states.
  • The Effect of Politics on the Dow Jones: Since 1928, Democratic administrations have seen the highest average stock market gains. Republican administrations see the wildest swings, with a higher average yearly gain/loss, but a lower average gain overall.
  • There are many other interesting maps and charts on this site, examining trends such as television, music and automobile preferences, consumption and geography, soda vs. pop, regional dialects, and the 10 regions of US politics.

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