Happy John Frum Day!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006 @ 7:03 pm | Linkage

A blog post at The Accuser, linked to from Fark, pointed out that today is John Frum Day. (I wrote about the John Frum cargo cult last year in this post.)

The Accuser links to a current Smithsonian Magazine article on the John Frum cult — probably the best expose I’ve seen on this anthropological oddity. He mentions the Vanuatuans use of kava, a mildly psychoactive and medicinal root that is ground and drank by many in the South Pacific. (I strongly doubt that kava consumption has anything to do with the oddity that is John Frum, though.)

I had the opportunity to try kava in Hawaii. It’s brown and muddy, and very bitter. But if you can stomach the taste, kava gives you a very mellow and relaxing feeling. The first effect you’ll notice is that it makes your lips and mouth numb. I had three servings, and while I really enjoyed the experience, my lips still curl just thinking about the taste. If you’re inclined to actually try kava, powdered kava root is readily available. Vanuatu kava is considered to be the strongest.

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    I’ve previously written about my experience with kava in Hawaii. Feeling nostalgic, I decided to order some kava from an online vendor. I’ve recently ordered my second batch, and am ready to show you, dear reader, how to obtain and prepare the most pot…

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