Another stolen election controversy?

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 @ 2:34 am | Current Events

Grab your pitchforks and torches everyone, cause Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — writing in the latest issue of Rolling Stone — has lent greater credence to what was once considered just a left-wing conspiracy theory: the possibility that the 2004 election was stolen due to Republican voter fraud.

The evidence is damning. Final vote tallies differed from exit poll results by such a wide margin as to be statistically improbable. Widespread allegations of misconduct by Republican election officials in Ohio, as well as voting machine irregularities, raise the possibility that Kerry might have won Ohio, had voting in largely Democratic precincts not been obstructed.

Critics such as Tucker Carlson may ask: Is it possible that such a wide ranging conspiracy could have taken place, and been kept secret for so long? Frankly, nothing the Republicans could do surprises me anymore. And if you don’t believe in the idea of a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” read David Brooks’ Blinded by the Right.

The Rolling Stone article is extensively footnoted, and the online version has links to additional resources. There is no “smoking gun,” so to speak, but the Bush administration has led us into war on far less convincing evidence. Considering the Republicans’ current unpopularity, could this become the next big GOP controversy?

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