Santo Gold, Santo Gold!

Thursday, July 6th, 2006 @ 10:19 am | Humor

Above is a short clip from an infamous late ’80s infomercial for Santo Gold, which attempted to market both a gold jewelry business opportunity and a “science fiction space wrestling movie comedy” called Blood Circus.

This bizarre anomaly was reportedly seen frequently on late night TV, although it never made it to the air in Central PA (why?). Blood Circus ran for a week in Baltimore in 1985, and the original print is presumed lost. Mr. Santo Gold himself was prosecuted for mail fraud in 1988 and spent 10 months in prison.

I can only hope a full clip of this infomercial appears online soon. The Santo Gold Museum has collected what little information there is available. As for Santo Gold himself, either he or someone pretending to be him has an unfinished website at

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